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Pine Forest Children’s Center, located in Burlington’s South End, is a mission driven non-profit organization operating for nearly 25 years and successfully providing high quality childcare to about 70 children and their families per year.

PFCC provides high quality child care for children from six weeks through six years of age, in an enriched program that is supportive of the growing child, and acts in partnership with the family. Our curriculum reflects the best practice in early childhood development. It is emergent and play-based allowing children to guide their own learning. We provide developmentally appropriate activities, often nature based, that are both teacher guided and open ended.

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A little bit about why PFCC is a very special place for so many families…

“PFCC is a diamond in the rough. No other faculty provides the exceptional level of care and professionalism to both its community and children than PFCC. As a parent and provider to the community, I recognize the integral part that Pine Forest plays in providing fully accredited care/schooling to my child and supporting families in the community.”

“It provides a nurturing, safe place for my son to grow and develop. The staff is unbelievably talented and they treat each child  and family with love and support.”

“The staff are all so caring and compassionate. It is unlike any other center I have been to. They treat my son just like family and he counts down he days until he gets to come back every week because of that!”

“It is the only place I have ever felt comfortable leaving my child. I couldn’t imagine trusting any other place like I do PFCC.”

“PFCC has provided a secure, nurturing, educational setting for my daughter for the last 4.5 years. The teachers are wonderful and we will always treasure our experience.”

“My child absolutely loves each staff member and has made many friends. He loves playing and singing and learning.”

“Friends, she loves to learn and loves her teachers. She loves interacting with her peers and enjoys the field trips and art projects.”

“The teachers, his friends the projects, the fun, and the laughter.”

Contact Us

Executive Director, Amy Ligay
208 Flynn Ave, Suite 2F
Burlington, VT  05401
T: 802-651-9455
F: 802-652-2517